PROSVETNO DELO PUBLISHING, established on 16 April 1945, has built a tradition in the area of textbooks publishing. It is also known as the only specialized publishing house for school textbooks, pedagogical materials and teaching aids. Besides being published in Macedonian, all textbooks are also published in the languages of the other nationalities that live here - Albanian, Turkish, Serbian, Rohm, Vlach.

          The history of Prosvetno Delo says that back in 1945, the birth year of the company, only 2 textbooks were published. In the following years another 20 or 30 titles were produced while in present times there are more than 400 titles per year. Until today, more than 8000 titles have been printed with total quantities of about 70 million copies.

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          The creation of this particular type of books goes through carefully executed phases. There are teams of experts that work on a textbook - the authors in collaboration with our editorial department staff: editors, proofreaders, illustrators, copy editors. There are many freelance collaborators that we take on to work with us, all for the purpose of giving the books true quality. Many of these collaborators are academicians and schoolteachers, experts in many fields of science, technology, culture and languages.

          Prosvetno Delo publishes children's literature as well. Mainly, this is done in cooperation with various European publishers and the motif for this is to bring the children as many as possible new and modern look picture books.

          Last, but not least, Prosvetno Delo has a very well developed distribution network and it covers all regions of Macedonia. The schoolbooks must always be there on time for the pupils so the employees at our commercial department are doing an excellent job supplying the bookstores everywhere in the country.

          Prosvetno Delo Publishing is consisted of the following departments with a total of 60 employees:

    • Editorial Department
    • Commercial and Finance Department
    • Internal Service
    • Warehouse
    • Book Stores


    • General Manager: Pavle Petrov, MA

    • Editor-in-Chief: Jelica Makazlieva, MA
    • Commercial and Finance Manager: Dusko Blazevski